Hire Digital Marketing Consultant

I develop and implement digital marketing strategies that drive website traffic, brand recognition, and new customer conversions – the metrics that matter to businesses. My results-driven consulting method ensures that I am implementing the best for your business.

What should you expect when you first hire on a digital marketing consultant? Great question! I have a blog post about it here.

My clients hire me for the innovative customization they want in a custom digital marketing strategy. I have worked with global clients in health, beauty, technology and more. I believe strongly in creating partnerships with my clients based on open communication and mutual understanding.

Wherever you are in your online marketing journey, I can help you identify a smart strategy for improvement. The hard part is over – you’re already here! Reach out to me below, and let’s get started.

**Local Chicago clients who hire Kaivan on for digital marketing consultancy enjoy the benefits personal interaction. However, Kaivan works with brands and organizations throughout the country and across the globe – bringing world-class digital expertise to each one.**