No-Brainer List of Ways to Promote your Website

by Kaivan Dave on October 27th, 2015
Promote your website

Don’t you love it when things are easier than they sound? To drive and keep traffic to your website, you need some well-implemented promotion plans. The good news is, there are plenty of website promotion techniques that will cost you very little money, if not very little effort.
You’ll find all kinds of recommendations for driving website traffic all over the internet – but I’ve collected some of my favorites here.

Low on website traffic? Cross these tactics off your list first

  1. Twitter: Duh, right? Strong social presence and promotion should always be at the top of your list – but Twitter promotion is especially relevant these days. Instant and punchy, Twitter allows you to get your message out quickly and easily (before you get a chance to lose your audience). It’s also a great platform to interact with your audience and other big players in your industry’s space. Have your eye on a particular affiliate? First, read our blog post on affiliate marketing. Then, head to Twitter and get to know them and their content before hitting them up for promotion.
  2. Networks: SPEAKING of affiliate marketing – this is a great way to get word out about your product or website through content that audiences trust. Affiliate partners work hard to create valuable content for their followers. Their audience could prove to be valuable to you as well.
  3. Publish something: Want to establish yourself as a credible person in the industry? Contribute to an industry publication. Even if you just start as a contributor on LinkedIn, you’ll become a familiar name in your space. Not to mention, LinkedIn is another great social platform for meeting and collaborating with others in the industry.
  4. Signature link: This COULD NOT be any easier. Sending an email? Automate your signature to include your website link so it populates every time. Takes all of two minutes to set up. A true no-brainer.
  5. SEO: Chances are, you already know how important SEO is for organic web promotion. If not, call me. If so, just ensure you’re covering off on all of the following.
    • Keywords – load ‘em in the right places
    • Tags – ensure keywords are included
    • Headlines – Easy to read? Keywords included?
    • Reciprocal links – The more links into your content, the better.
  6. Sponsor something: There are plenty of initiatives in this world that are willing to give you a lot of air time in return for some monetary support. Even initiatives with national reach – like podcasts – could use a helping hand! They’ll happily promote you in return.
  7. Give a presentation: Volunteer as a guest speaker for an industry event. Instant street cred, captive audience, totally free. You might even get paid for it if you play your cards right. Wear a branded T-shirt and include your website in your credential slide!Have any of these techniques worked particularly well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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